Installation of VSAT antenna Intellian on m/v KAUNAS

Last week radionavigation engineers from ELENG have installed satellite communication VSAT antenna Intellian 16W KU BUC v100NX on m/v KAUNAS. The antenna is designed to provide ship unlimited satellite Internet at sea or ocean.

2020 june 04

Modernization of Prybuzhanovsky tugboat propulsion system

Last week ELENG engineers have upgraded Prybuzhanovsky tugboat propulsion system after prior coordination of all technical issues with designer and shipyard.

2020 may 12

Maintenance of 2 MTU engines

Engineers of power systems dept. carried out scheduled repairs of 2 MTU 10V2000M70 788 kW engines at 2100 rpm installed on 2 passenger boats of the shipping company Nibulon SPK Express-1 and SPK Express-2.

2020 april 21

Maintenance of 2 Kohler diesel-generators

This week ELENG engineers performed maintenance on 2 Kohler 28EFOZD 28 kW @ 1500 rpm diesel generators on a Balaklava patrol boat.

2020 april 14

Liebherr D926 TI-E engine overhaul

Liebherr crane is one of the key pieces of equipment in construction of TIS pier. MV Cargo, owner of the crane, contacted us to determine why the crane’s performance had plummeted.

2020 april 10

Steerable thruster emergency repair

ELENG engineers was successfully performed emergency repair of Rolls-Royce AQUAMASTER US-155/3000 steerable thrusters on m/v ”SHAIR VAGIF” by our regular customer, Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, from 20 to 25 March 2020

2020 april 03