Crankshaft main and big-end journals grinding

Repair of connecting rod necks of crankshaft is one of the most important stages of repair. Our engineers perform this type of repair in engine block without removing crankshaft. Mobility of equipment allows our team to carry out work almost anywhere in the world.

2019 october 11

Cooperation of Azerbaijan Caspian shipping company

History of cooperation with Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company began in 2015. Over 4 years of joint work, about 10 vessels were comprehensively serviced by repair crews of Ukrainian shipyards and our specialists.

2019 october 03

Overhaul of 3 MTU Power Packs

Kryukovsky railway car building works assigned our company for overhaul of 3 MTU Power Pack 6H1800R84, which are installed on passenger diesel train Dpkr-2

2019 september 13

Kids football tournament with Electric Engineering LTD support

From 23 to 26 August 2019 children’s football tournament Chornomorsk sudoremontnik cup 2019 was held for the first time. It became possible because of support of Electric Engineering LTD and our regular friends and partners, Ilyichevsk Shipyard

2019 august 30

Overhaul of m/v Shair Vagif

From 03th of July till 12th of August 2019 there was overhaul of m/v Shair Vagif completed by Ilyichevsk Shipyard and Electric Engineering Ltd. This vessel belongs to Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

2019 august 21

3rd Power Generation Symposium

The future of a sustainable and reliable energy supply in times of climate change, decarbonisation and the energy transition was the main focus of the 3rd Power Generation Symposium, which has been arranged by the Rolls-Royce MTU Onsite Energy brand and will be held on 2 and 3 July in Friedrichshafen.

2019 july 12