Service of Fidmash A100-40 nitrogen unit

In December 2019 there was delivered nitrogen unit A100-40 by Fidmash (Belarus). The engine of unit – Detroit Diesel S60 – began to consume more oil than usual.

What problem was identified during the diagnosis and how it was resolved, read below

2020 january 13

Results of 2019

2019 was bright and busy for us. Below are a few key points that we would like to recall with you.

Congratulations on the upcoming New Year holidays!Wish you that all undertakings will bring you great results in 2020!

2019 december 27

Installation and inspection of Sea Gull liferaft and launching appliance

Specialists of Electric Engineering Ltd commissioned and tested the SEA-GULL lifeboat and the boat device installed on the NIBULON MAX P-140. The tests were carried out in conditions close to real situation, with people on board.

2019 december 11

Cooperation with Wartsila

We have been cooperating with Wartsila since 2012. The engines of this manufacturer are distinguished by reliability, low operating costs and the presence of integrated automation systems.

2019 november 18

Crankshaft main and big-end journals grinding

Repair of connecting rod necks of crankshaft is one of the most important stages of repair. Our engineers perform this type of repair in engine block without removing crankshaft. Mobility of equipment allows our team to carry out work almost anywhere in the world.

2019 october 11

Cooperation of Azerbaijan Caspian shipping company

History of cooperation with Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company began in 2015. Over 4 years of joint work, about 10 vessels were comprehensively serviced by repair crews of Ukrainian shipyards and our specialists.

2019 october 03