Cooperation with Wartsila

We have been cooperating with Wartsila since 2012. The engines of this manufacturer are distinguished by reliability, low operating costs and the presence of integrated automation systems.

Over the past 7 years, our service engineers repaired and supplied spare parts for these marine engines to the companies FLASHIPPING LLС, Frachtmortrans LLC and the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.We repair and supply spare parts for the entire line of @Wartsila engines, namely:

  • Wartsila 20. Configurations: 4L20, 5L20, 6L20, 8L20, 9L20
  • Wartsila 200. Configurations: 12V200, 16V200, 18V200
  • Wartsila 22. 4R22.6R22, 8R22, 8V22
  • Wartsila Vasa 24 (originally the name was 14, which meant volume in liters). 6R24, 8R24
  • Wartsila 26. 6L26, 8L26
  • Wartsila Vasa 32. 4R32, 5R32, 6R32, 8R32, 9R32, 12V32, 16V32, 18V32
  • Wartsila 32F. 6L32, 8L32, 9L32, 12V32, 16V32, 18V32
  • Wartsila 46/Wartsila (Vasa) 46. 4R46, 6R46, 8R46, 9R46, 12V46, 16V46, 18V46, 20V46
  • Wartsila 46F. 6L46, 8L46, 9L46, 20V46F
  • Wartsila 64. 6L64, 7L64, 8L64, 12V64, 16V64
  • We are grateful to Wartsila Corporation for the high appreciation of our work and continue to increase our capacity for a diverse ship service of an exclusive level!