Crankshaft main and big-end journals grinding

Despite regular technical service of engine failure of crankshaft is able to disable it at any time. This leads to downtime of various mechanisms and reduced profitability of ship or company as a whole. But such a problem can be quickly and effectively resolved through repair and maintenance service of engine directly on object.

The process of crankshaft repair consists of the following steps:
  • alignment and heat treatment of the shaft
  • repair and processing of connecting rod necks
  • re-grinding, machining and polishing of crankshaft
  • Repair of connecting rod necks of crankshaft is one of the most important stages of repair. Our engineers perform this type of repair in engine block without removing crankshaft. It allows to eliminate consequences of emergency situations in the least possible time.

    Turning and grinding of necks is strictly up to size specified in the technical specifications. Final stage is magnetic particle inspection, checking of surface hardness, measurement of dimensions. All the figures obtained are recorded in a report and provided to client.

    Mobility of equipment allows our team to carry out work almost anywhere in the world. This equipment can be used for grooving of the working surfaces of end parts of the shafts for various purposes.

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