Installation of VDR JRC on m/v SEAWIND

A few days ago the m/V SEAWIND went in flight from the southern port with the new JRC VDR, model JCY-1900. This equipment is installed and configured by our engineers who have approval for these types of work from the JRC.

This model voyage data recorder consists of:
  • Recording Control Unit/li>
  • Operational Panel Unit
  • 2 capsules – protective and float-free
  • microphones – 4 on bridge and 2 on bridge wings
  • All obligatory sensors were connected to VDR in accordance with the requirements of the MSC.333(90).

    Data from sensors are read, digitize, formatted and write to both capsules. Design of capsules ensure data integrity in any extreme conditions up to 48 hours. Each of it can store up to 720 hours of recordings that are made within 1 month.