Installation of VSAT antenna Intellian on m/v KAUNAS

Last week radionavigation engineers from ELENG have installed satellite communication VSAT antenna Intellian 16W KU BUC v100NX on m/v KAUNAS. The antenna is designed to provide ship unlimited satellite Internet at sea or ocean.

The scope of works included the following:
  • delivery of VSAT antenna set
  • installation of the whole complex of equipment
  • setup of satellite modem, a new sample iDirect X7 Modem
  • commissioning of antenna set
  • All the works have completely finished in 6 hours.

    Maximum information rate (MIR) is 4096/2048 Kb and provided 80% of the time. Comitted information rate (CIR) is 2048/512 Kb. It can be increased by shipowner`s order.

    Unlimited satellite internet helps ship crew to:
  • download and update of electronic navigational charts, not wasting time on routes manually
  • send emails with huge attachments, for example, cargo plan
  • communicate promptly with shipowner`s office

  • Mobile communication in roaming officers, payment of traffic by Inmarsat can be cost more than $2000 per month. And tariffs are unlimited satellite Internet begins from $250 per month.