Liebherr D926 TI-E engine overhaul

COVID-19 could not completely stop business in our country – construction of TIS pier is ongoing. Liebherr crane is one of the key pieces of equipment in this project.

MV Cargo, owner of the crane, contacted us to determine why the crane’s performance had plummeted. During the inspection ELENG engineers identified 2 problems in crane engine – Liebherr D926 TI-E:
  • low oil pressure
  • hit of antifreeze in engine oil.
  • To eliminate these problems, it was decided to dismantle the engine and carry out its overhaul. Repair included replacement of the entire connecting rod and piston group, as well as the bearings of the crankshaft and camshaft. After that technical specifications of the engine were restored to the factory parameters, crane reached 100% performance and returned to work as soon as possible.