Maintenance of 2 MTU engines

During preparation for navigation season in 2020, engineers of power systems dept. carried out scheduled repairs of 2 MTU 10V2000M70 788 kW engines at 2100 rpm. The following operations were performed:

  • replacement of all rubber joints and seals, including cooling, air supply, crankcase ventilation and fuel supply systems
  • replacement of all filters
  • adjustment of thermal clearances in valves.
  • These powerful but lightweight and compact engines are installed on passenger boats of the shipping company Nibulon SPK Express-1 and SPK Express-2. They allow ships to reach speeds of up to 65 km / h, sail for up to 7 hours and overcome up to 500 km without refueling.

    Boats run between Nikolaev, Kinsburg spit and Ochakov as public transport. This non-profit project is a gift to the residents of Nikolaev from Nibulon and its CEO Aleksey Afanasevich Vadatursky. The company does not make a profit from transportation, but regularly and timely serves boats.

    We are proud of our cooperation and hope that COVID19 will not interfere with passenger water transport in coming season!