Modernization of Mykolaivsky-2 power unit

There is modernization of Nibulon own fleet continues. Nefterudovoz-28M, renamed to Mykolaivsky-2, was built. It was equipped by 2 6NVD-48AU engines and 3 DGR100 / 750 diesel generators (6CH 18/22 diesel). Previously, these engines were very much in demand due to their reliability.

But like any other mechanisms, they require replacement with more modern models. This operation significantly reduces cost and time of technical service and cost of spare parts.

Therefore, after coordinating conversion of the vessel with designer and shipyard, our engineers carried out commissioning and sea trials of following mechanisms at Mikolaivsky-2:
  • 2 Weichai Power Co., Ltd marine diesel engines of type 8170ZC720-2 (530 kW, 1200 rpm) with NS1000 gearbox (3.59: 1)
  • 3 Weichai Power Co., Ltd marine diesel generators type CCFJ100J-WV (100 kW, 1500 rpm) 220 V 3F 50 Hz
  • electronic engine management system ZF Group
  • All tests were carried out in presence of inspector of the Register of Shipping of Ukraine and were completed successfully.