Modernization of Prybuzhanovsky tugboat propulsion system

Pribuzhanovsky tugboat is part of Nibulon fleet. It carries out ship postings along the Dnieper, Southern Bug and Danube at any time of the year.

Last week ELENG engineers have upgraded tugboat propulsion system after prior coordination of all technical issues with designer and shipyard.

2 economical WEICHAI WHM 6160C408 300 kW engines at 1000 rpm replaced obsolete diesel engines 6 NVD 26 a2 produced by the GDR. They are equipped with advance HC300 reverse gearboxes and a ZF control system. The permissible time of its work at full power and number of hours are unlimited. 2 WEICHAI CCFJ75J-WV diesel generators of 75 kW each were also installed.

All commissioning and sea trials were successful and on time.

ELENG is official distributor of WEICHAI engines in Ukraine. We deliver original WEICHAI products from China quickly and with a set of all necessary documents.