Repair of crankshaft on m/v Smarta

ELENG engineers in cooperation with specialists of Shiprepair Yard ISRZ carried out a major overhaul of the main Pielstick 8PC2-5L engine with replacement of the crankshaft. This work was carried out under the supervision of the Bureau Veritas inspector.

The crankshaft was purchased by the ship owner, and the logistics and brokers of ELENG took over the organization of delivery.

New crankshaft was installed in an ELENG-based shaft lathe for presentation to the register inspector and fitting the old counterweights.

Crankshaft with flywheel and damper gear was also paired with the manufacture and installation of new fit bolts. Crankshaft was delivered to the ship, where it was installed on new frame bearings.

After assembling the engine, the company’s specialists measured the alignment with the EASY LASER device, followed by the alignment of the engine.

Also, new wedges were manufactured and installed for the main engine gearbox, which was also centered to the engine by pouring EPY EPOXY polymer resin.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team of ELENG and Shiprepair Yard ISRZ the vessel successfully passed mooring tests and left the berth within the agreed time frame.