Steerable thruster emergency repair

Steerable thrusters are the most important mechanism responsible for the safe movement and maneuverability.

ELENG engineers was successfully performed emergency repair of Rolls-Royce AQUAMASTER US-155/3000 steerable thrusters on m/v ”SHAIR VAGIF” by our regular customer, Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company, from 20 to 25 March 2020

Main problem was unstable operation of thrusters. Permanent racing oil pressure and poor lubrication could cause failure of the entire system.

Emergency berthing of the vessel have been kindly provided by our partners – ISRZ. The plant found a small window that was quite difficult. Today, the piers of the plant have the download 100% vessels Greek, Polish and Ukrainian clients. This repair was given only 5 days, due to the approach of a large tanker, the Greek shipowner and the inability to further berthing of the vessel.

ELENG specialists have successfully coped with the task. Were made the following repairs MO: 1 – disassembly, inspection, Assembly VRK 2 – removal, installation and repair of top drive VRK 2.1. dismantling, assembling, replacement oil guide sleeve 2.2. urgent production on CNC machines oil guide bronze sleeve The material required was in stock ELENG, which greatly saved the time of repair. The original bushing at the present time there is no possibility to deliver promptly from Europe, in connection with the global pandemic COVID19 2.3. Making a set of seals top drive and oil guide sleeve 2.4. Repair of the oil guide sleeve – welding, the groove in the nominal size 3 – a disassembly, Assembly, repair a hydraulic clutch; 3.1. Disassembly, Assembly of the intermediate shaft to remove the clutch 4 – repair of the oil cooler

After the repair has been successfully completed mooring trials. The ship and crew left the waters of the Shiprepair Yard ISRY Prat CRS M. B ISRZ March 25, 2020, and returned to normal operating mode, it is very important for all