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We perform service and repair of hydraulic equipment (hydraulic motors, pumping units, hydraulic valves, valve equipment, hydraulic cylinders and manipulators)

The area of the workshop for repair of hydraulic equipment is 200 m2. It is equipped with modern CNC machines, stands and other necessary equipment

The company’s Specialists have the entire package of documents to provide repair services in foreign ports, as well as during short-term flights (vessels in operation). We provide a guarantee for the performed services for a period of 6 months. Initial consultation with a hydraulic engineer is free

Repair of hydraulic cylinders
  • – replacing piston seals
  • – replacement of chrome rod
  • – replacing the cylinder liner
  • – replacement of eyelets, pistons, front and rear covers
  • – manufacture of hydraulic cylinder
Repair of hydraulic systems of bilge covers

Repair the hydraulic bilge covers, which consist of:

  • – pipeline
  • – hydraulic motors
  • – hydraulic pumps, manipulators and hydraulic equipment (hydraulic cylinders)
Repair of hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps
  • – radial plunger (radial piston) motors and pumps
  • – axial-plunger (axial-piston) motors
  • – gerotor motors and pumps
  • – blade motors and pumps
  • – gear motors and pumps
  • – screw pumps
Repair of hydraulic valves
  • – throttle valves
  • – hydraulic locks
  • – safety valves
  • – pressure reducing valves
  • – multi-function monoblock valves
  • – hydraulic valves
Replacing hydraulic pipes
  • – directly on the ship (during repairs at the ship repair plant or during loading and unloading operations in the port)
  • – changing precision, seamless, calibrated and seamless pipes
Repair of special equipment hydraulics
  • – road construction equipment (excavators, cranes, bulldozers, loaders, pavers)
  • – cargo vehicles
  • – cleaning equipment (sweeping, watering machines)
  • – agricultural machinery (combines, tractors, irrigation, sowing, harvesting machines)
  • – equipment for the timber industry (all-terrain vehicles, swampers)
  • – fire special equipment
  • – vehicles for transportation of fuel
  • – stationary press

Repair of the hydraulic system is necessary if:

  • – the service was not performed for a long time. If you do not perform maintenance, the system will fail at the most inopportune moment
  • – the speed and performance of the system decreased. This is a sign of a problem
  • – uncharacteristic sounds, noises and vibrations were noticed during operation
  • – the inspection revealed leaks of the working fluid, corrosion, damage or incorrectly positioned hoses

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