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ELENG is an official member of the International Association METALOCK and has been engaged in restoration of cast-iron and steel structures without welding since 2005. METALOCK method allows to provide repair and restoration of products without its heating.

After welding works on cast-iron parts, there is internal stresses arise in metal crystal structure. That’s why such repair completely eliminates occurrence of quenching structures, cracks and thermal deformations of structures. This method eliminates occurrence of residual deformations because there is no heating and metal structure does not change.

A unique property of this method is also there is no need to disassemble structures into separate assemblies and parts.

Our advantages

Wide range of equiment

Wide range of portable tooling of small and large scale deployed at stations around the globe.

Qualified team

A large global team of Machining Specialists to ensure a rapid, expert response anytime.

Laser alignment

Specialized laser guided measuring/alignment equipment for precision and control.

General In-Situ Machining

If we don’t have the proper tool for your special, one of a kind requirement, chances are we can build it. Services commonly provided by our teams include:

  • Small and Large scale Flange Facing
  • Surface milling
  • Reaming
  • Sheared / Broken Stud removal
  • Metal stitching of components

Our specialization

Crankshaft Machining and Grinding

On larger diesel engines and damaged journals, this allows our highly skilled technicians to perform large scale jobs in a fraction of the time of traditional grinding, oftentimes with a single cut fillet to fillet with the highest tolerances.

In-Situ Line Boring

Not all crankshaft failures can be easily corrected by Machining or Grinding. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the engine pockets have been damaged and the engine requires Line Boring.

Stern Tubes Boring

Whether the job is machining of two or more bores in-line or the machining of bores at great distance, we have the tooling and expertise to handle it

Ship owners and shipyards around the globe engage for the execution of this precision machining job because of our tailored tooling and deeply experienced machinists.

Metal Stitching/Cast Iron Repairs

On-site Metal stitching is often the only reasonable method to repair cast iron cracks and salvage what is otherwise a condemned component or major piece of machinery.

Traditional welding methods are not effective for repairing cast iron and other cast metals and in many cases can result in more damage to the piece being welded.

Laser Alignment Services

Alignment of rotating mechanisms is an obligatory preventive procedure for economical and trouble-free operation of any equipment. With the help of Easy Laser, our specialists will quickly and accurately assess the state of the equipment and perform the alignment of the most important components.

Manufacturing of parts and mechanisms by CNC machines

Production facilities of ELENG allow to manufacture following parts by CNC machines:

  • chain sprocket
  • coupling halves
  • heat exchanger tube boards
  • molds for RTI
  • heat exchanger covers
  • any parts according to the sample / technical documentation received from customer

Metal plasma cutting

Metal cutting by plasma is performed at temperatures of 5,000-30,000 ° C. This allows to achieve high accuracy and speed of processing parts. After plasma cutting, less scrap is formed than by other types of metal cutting.

We carry out linear and figured plasma cutting of sheet metal with a thickness of 3 to 20 mm. Edges of a sheet – from 3 to 32 mm. Maximum area of ​​processed working area is 1500 x 3000 mm.

Equipment – Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Systems, USA.

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